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Odysseus as an Epic Hero Essay - 932 Words

The Odyssey is an example of Greek history portrayed in literature. As in all Greek literature, the epic hero Odysseus answers a call to action, suffers through great confrontation, and returns with a better understanding of life. Greek stories such as, The Odyssey set the stage for todays modern action movies with epic heroes such as Indiana Jones, Frodo from the Lord of the Rings, and Western cowboys like Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger. The first characteristic that makes Odysseus an epic hero is that he answers a call to action. Odysseus answers two calls to action in The Odyssey. His first call is to go to Troy with Agamemnon and rescue Helen even though his son Telemachus has just been born and his wife Penelope doesnt want him†¦show more content†¦Odysseus realizes that Polyphemus is the only one that can move the boulder and devises a plan to blind Polyphemus while he is asleep. When Polphemus awakes, he moves the boulder to tell his brothers what has happened to him. Then Odysseus and his men sneak out of the cave by hiding under Polyphemus sheep. When Odysseus pride gets the best of him and he reveals his identity to Polyphemus, then Polyphemus lifts up a prayer to his father Poseidon and curses Odysseus. Next Odysseus and his men go to the home of Aeolus, ruler of the winds. Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag containing all of the bad winds and stirs up a wind to send Odysseus and his men back to Ithaca. However, Odysseus men thought that Aeolus had given Odysseus a bag of treasure and thought he wasnt going to share the treasure with them. When Odysseus falls asleep his men open the bag and the winds blow them away from Ithaca back to Aeolus. This time Aeolus will not help them because he believes the gods hate Odysseus. Now Odysseus and his men have to row to the land of the Laestrygonians, a race of powerful giants, who turn Odysseus scouts into their dinner. Odysseus and his remaining men retreat to the ships, but the giants pelt the ships with boulders and sink them as they sit in the harbor. Only Odysseus ship escapes.Show MoreRelatedOdysseus As An Epic Hero1067 Words   |  5 PagesOdysseus as an Epic Hero Homer s The Odyssey follows the incredible journey of the main character Odysseus, and his long trip home to the Island of Ithaca. The Odyssey is an epic poem written in verse, and is fittingly named after the epic hero Odysseus. An epic hero is defined as a character who possesses superhuman strength, craftiness, and confidence, is helped or harmed by the gods, and usually possesses a natural position of authority. Without a doubt, Odysseus is an epic hero; he is cleverRead MoreOdysseus as an Epic Hero859 Words   |  4 PagesA true epic hero has many very defining characteristics. Usually you will find this hero to be the ‘alpha male. With an almost super hero personality, epic heroes are extremely above an average human being. This character must be of noble birth, and as a result, this gives them great respect and many resources. There is a deep reverence for the gods and this helps the hero through tough times. An epic hero is bravery than the other characters. They are wi lling to take bigger risks and reap greaterRead MoreOdysseus: an Epic Hero816 Words   |  4 PagesPicture this: a hero of great legends who travels to the underworld and back to get directions to his home from a blind prophet. It sounds like quite an impossible journey, but that is exactly what makes Odysseus all the more fascinating. The Odyssey, an epic poem orally transmitted by Homer, a Greek poet who wrote The Iliad, had to contain some variety of attributes that Greeks valued in a person. That one embodiment of what the Greeks found intriguing in a character is Odysseus. Odysseus is known asRead MoreOdysseus, an Epic Hero796 Words   |  4 Pages a hero of great legends who travels to the underworld and back to get directions to his home from a blind prophet. It sounds like quite an impossible journey, but that’s exactly what makes Odysseus all the more interesting. The Odyssey, an epic poem orally transmitted by Homer, a Greek poet, had to contain some sort of attri butes that Greeks valued in a person. That one embodiment of what the Greeks found intriguing in a character is Odysseus. Odysseus is known as what is called an epic hero. AnRead MoreOdysseus Journey as an Epic Hero1267 Words   |  6 PagesOdysseus Journey as an Epic Hero In the epic poem The Odyssey, the main character Odysseus displays the epic hero. An epic hero is given certain qualities. These qualities make the person (usually male) seem larger than life, he or she embodies the values from their culture, he usually goes on a journey that consist of a series of trials, has an ego, and is able to persuade people with his conversation. This description describes Odysseus exactly, but leaves out one major detail, which are hisRead MoreOdysseus As An Epic Hero As A Tragic Hero811 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is a heroic epic? According to, a heroic epic â€Å" is a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements†. The Odyssey written by Homer is home to Odysseus, the original epic hero. The typical features of an epic hero or heroic epic are strength, loyalty, courage, and intelligence. Odysseus not only fulfills the requirements but also goes above and beyond. On his way home to Ithaca Odysseus faces man y challenges, and with each solution, we see why he is consideredRead MoreOdysseus As A Hero Of This Epic1414 Words   |  6 PagesOdysseus is the main protagonist or hero of this epic, but there are instances in which he is presented in a negative light rather than the positive light that is associated with a protagonist or hero. This essay aims to demonstrate such instances and explain if he is justified in anyway. After leaving Troy it takes Odysseus ten years to return home to Ithaca, during this time he uses different aspects of his character in order to survive, some of which are not exactly heroic characteristics. ErwinRead More odysseus: an epic hero Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pages Is Odysseus An Epic Hero? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Is Odysseus, the main character of Homer’s The Odyssey, really an epic hero? An epic hero embodies several heroic traits such as; having superior or super-human strength; being intellectual and courageous; and being a strong and responsible leader. An epic hero struggles and is overwhelmed with difficulties. An epic hero is on a quest of self discovery, war or some sort of goal. In the Odyssey, Odysseus is on a quest to return home to IthacaRead MoreThe Epic Hero Of Odysseus : A Heroic Hero1522 Words   |  7 PagesMany say Odysseus, the main character of The Odyssey, is a hero. In fact, he is one of the most well known epic heroes. But this statement is only highlighting his few heroic qualities when it is very clear that he has far more unheroic qualities. Of which make him much less of a hero than people think. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus, and his crew are on a difficult and seemingly endless journey back home to Ithaca after the victory in the 10 years long Trojan War. During the story,Read MoreOdysseus As An Epic Hero In The Odyssey By Homer1109 Words   |  5 Pages Epic heroes are featured in literature throughout history. Most notably, the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer is about Odysseus, an epic hero. He is the king of Ithaca who goes to fight in the Trojan War. After 20 years, Odysseus finally returns home, although through many obstacles. Once in Ithaca, Odysseus kills the suitors who plague his wife, along with all other disloyal subjects. He fits the definition of an epic hero, which is an admirable character who displays courage while working towards

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The Sustainability Of Human Resource Essay - 1936 Words

Introduction In our world today, with the global workforce increasing, a new way for more effective approach the people is needed. With the rapid changing of the international market that lead to a more resourceful place and the advantage of technology, diversity and inclusion became an important element of sustainability human resource. The sustainability of human resource in hospitality industry is now depend on how diverse and inclusive of the company. Accept and manage diversity and inclusion is essential to the modern day hospitality industry because hospitality industry is alway working with culture diversity. If diversity and inclusion are not properly dealt with, this would have a direct impact on loss of business. Diversity and inclusion are the future and power in business and are unleashed when respected and valued transformations. Diversity and inclusion focus on the makeup of the population; represent and reflect about ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, sexual orienta tion, disability, education or religion of the population. Workplace diversity requires each employee, manager, and other personnel to commit to respecting each other in order to promote diversity in a beneficial and effective way. Managers should be open to people with a completely different way of life and culture that he/she is used to. Employers should look for employees that have different views on a common perspective, so that when a problem arises managers can refer to different pointsShow MoreRelatedHuman Resource Management And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay1167 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility are two news that are accepted and believed as highly important to company strategies. To be in competitive businesses needs to increase productivity by finding new systems. Furthermore, HRM is a crucial tool for any business, and as well as CSR, which is becoming an important too. The growth of CSR is the result of changes in the developed world’s greater concerns for environmental deforestation, discriminatory workingRead MoreThe Issue Of Sustainability Is Much Than Much More Than Just That The Earth s Population1259 Words   |  6 PagesThe average human being, multiplied by the Earth’s population, would need to have about four Earths just to supply enough resources (Footprint Calculator). Thinking of people around the world, the people of the United States seem to take a lot of their life for granted. Many people when they hear of the polar ice caps melting wave it off and either don’t believe in it or believe it is not their problem. Well it is their problem and if we don’t jump on the issue soon we will not be giving our futureRead MoreFossil Fuels And Its Impacts On Society1506 Words   |  7 PagesEarth has provided us with various fossil fuels and natural resources that we need to live an adequate life. However, as fossil fuels dwindle and the human population continues to grow, the livelihood of humanity is threatened. Furthermore, the use of fossil fuels has several negative impacts on society. For example, fossil fuels pose a serious danger to the environmental through climate changes and global warming. Additionally, as fossil fuels become more scarce the prices will significantly increaseRead MoreImportance Of Sustainability And Human Development823 Words   |  4 PagesIn today’s world, the most important outcomes of an economy are sustainability and human development. Deciding what potential outcomes of an economy can be subjective and depends largely on the economy and its people. Evaluating the performance of different economies requires the selection of different standards. However, sustainability and human development are the most universally beneficial for a well functioning society. The reason that they are the most important is because securing a betterRead MoreThe Global Warmin g Of The First Gas Powered Automobile1479 Words   |  6 PagesSustainable Development Times are changing faster now than ever before. Innovation has become constant and seems to even be imperative to the way we live presently. We have become so focused on making our lives, as humans, easier, more efficient and more enjoyable that we have looked beyond the harm it causes to the rest of our world and to our future selves. Transportation innovation is a great example of this speculation. The invention of the first gas-powered automobile took off and soonRead MoreSustainability And Attention Whole Foods Shoppers By Robert Paarlberg966 Words   |  4 PagesThe environment is among some of the top issues to be looked upon by the human population in the world today. Sustainability is a word often times used when speaking of this subject. This is a concept represented in the articles â€Å"Sustainability† by Christian R. Weisser and â€Å"Attention Whole Foods Shoppers† by Robert Paarlberg. Each author addresses the issue in different ways; one giving exam ples of this issue and the other clearly defining it. Each author is writing to spread awareness of this issueRead MoreSustainability Multiple Choice Questions1540 Words   |  7 PagesMultiple Choice Questions Name: ____________________________________________________________ 1) The term sustainability refers to ________. A) maintaining resource use at current or higher levels B) keeping the natural environment and human society in a happy, healthy and functional state C) holding or increasing the current quality of human life D) always focusing on fulfilling short‑term needs E) opposing change from current policies Read MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm ) And Corporate Social Responsibility1456 Words   |  6 Pagesthat was rather ‘rational and technical’ as compared to management in practice which was more ‘complex’ (Cunliffe, 2014). This has led to a re-evaluation of the methods used to conduct management and its specialisms such as Human Resource Management. Over the years, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been seen as separate variables in both practice-oriented as well as academic discourses. (Schoemaker, Nijhof and Jonker, 2006) Hence, there is serious skepticismRead MoreSustainable Development1618 Words   |  7 PagesQ. Sustainable Development? Ans:. Sustainable development refers to a mode of human development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come. The term sustainable development was used by the Brundtland Commission which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development: development that meets the needs of the present withoutRead MoreEnvironmental Planning And Restoration Section1179 Words   |  5 Pagesbiophilic cities, environmental restoration, and landscape ecological urbanism. Sustainability is the equitable and appropriate use of present resources to ensure a resilient future of interconnected systems. This conception of sustainability will be connected to the dimension of environmental planning and restoration by highlighting its importance to the concept, as well as its relation to the key sustainability themes of environmental pr otection, economic development, and social equity. Environmental

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Tour-Guide Providing Location-Based Tourist Information on Mobile Phones Free Essays

Nowadays, people’s consumption structure is improving steadily. There has been a large increase in the number of people out on tours, for the sake of recreation and entertainment. Tourism is the strongest and largest industry in the global economy. We will write a custom essay sample on Tour-Guide: Providing Location-Based Tourist Information on Mobile Phones or any similar topic only for you Order Now It has played a significant role in boosting the city’s economy and social employment. In the traditional tourism industry, tourist information is obtained mainly through newspaper, magazines, radio and other simple ways. It can not update and utilize timely. The poor situation of the real-time performance failed to meet people’s growing demand. The emergence of the Internet makes up for this shortfall. Detailed texts, pictures, videos and other guidance information are provided, so people can better understand the tourist attractions and make decision objectively. However, this approach also has some drawbacks. Since most people use personal computer to access Internet, they can not get information anywhere and anytime. People need intelligent, professional and personalized user-centric mobile information services. The integration of the Internet and mobile communication is the main tend of the information industry. With the development of the mobile communication technology, mobile telephone has been used not only as communication tool, but also as entertainment and office tools, providing ubiquitous information access, leisure and entertainment, helping people keep in contact with their friends and so on. With portable, wireless mobile devices to access Internet has become a new requirement. To use information technology to publicize and manage tourism, fully making use of mobile telephone to provide guidance information for people’s tour is becoming imperative equirement of modern tour. The prevalence of mobile phones and the pervasiveness of the wireless networks make mobile a promising platform for personal ubiquitous computing. Current mobile services are enhanced with location-aware features, providing the user with better use experience. A great number of mobile phone applications appeared recently, many of which are location-related [1, 2, 3]. Location-dependent services, which answer location-related queries, are an important class of context-aware applications. With kinds of promising pplications, like local information obtain (traffic condition, navigation messages and so on) and neighboring environment queries, such as finding the nearest restaurant, location-dependent query service will soon become an necessary part of our daily lives. We will describe the design, implementation and deployment of a location-based application, named Tour- Guide, with the mobile phone as a platform. This application permitted users to get tour guidance information they need anytime and anywhere. In particular, the tourist data could be browsed or queried through an Internet map service such as Google Maps How to cite Tour-Guide: Providing Location-Based Tourist Information on Mobile Phones, Papers

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Folahan Akinyemi free essay sample

The media, politicians, and many parents are blaming video games for violent acts among children and those less than 18 years of age. . I think in this day and age, It is safe to assume that everyone has played a video game, from Tetras to Final Fantasy Ill. The past week I have done researching on multiple resources about the effect of video game on youth A. Have looked at various scholarly and academic articles B. I can speak from personal experience IV- Today, I would like to inform you on the positive effects videos games on youth A.First, Video Games have a positive effects on youth sociologically B. Second, Video Games have positive effect on youths psyche C. Third, Video Games have positive effect on youth overall physical being (Transitions) Body l. First, Video Games have a positive effects on youth sociologically A. Social Development It is common that kids growing up this generation have played videos games whether it be educational or for entertainment. We will write a custom essay sample on Folahan Akinyemi or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Gaming has become part of he norm. B.Interaction with peers Contrary to the what some believe, the average gamer isnt some obese couch potato nerd that sits at home 24/7 by himself eating junk food and playing video game. It is your average person C. Relationships and Interpersonal skills . Second, Video Games have positive effect on youths psyche Ill. Academics 1. Educational Software 2. Positive Effects on learning and academic skills B. Behavior C. Psychiatric Symptoms IV. Third, Video Games have positive effect on youth overall physical being A.Stress Outlet B. Physical Attributes 1. Motor Skills 2. Decision-Making Skills Conclusion I. In Conclusion, ask you not to forget the overall benefits of couple button and direction pad II. Today I have talked about how video games are not harmful to youth A. First, Video Games have a positive effects on youth sociologically B.

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Tips for New College Users

Welcome to , College Students! As you transition from high school student to college student in real life, you should do the same on . Here are our tips on what to include, how to increase profile views, and get more commission with your College Profile! 1. Create/Convert Your Account. Hope youve found helpful during your high school years and through the application process. Since you already have an account, you do not have to make another account to create your profile. Convert your account here.If youve never had an account before, welcome! Were excited to have you join our community of students helping students through the application process. 2. Create/Update Your username. College applications can contain a lot of personal and intimate information about an individual. We highly encourage users to create usernames that don’t include full names to protect your privacy. If you already have an account, you can change your username under Account Settings. 3. Upload a profile picture. Use a photo that represents you. It doesn’t have to be a headshot. It can be a photo of you in the distance or you with a group of friends! Including a photo helps high school users connect with your profile and know there’s a real person behind a web page. 4. Have your student ID handy. We have to verify that you’re a student accepted at the school you say you’re attending. Make sure you have on hand a copy of your student ID, enrollment receipt, or transcript. Simply snap and upload a photo of your verification document. Don’t worry - once your profile is verified, we remove this from our database for security reasons. 5. Download your Common App PDF. Save yourself some time! If you still have your Common App account, log in and download the PDF version of your Common App. Instead of filling out each individual page, all you have to do is upload the PDF and we autofill your profile for you! Then, all thats left for you to do is to choose the advice questions you want to answer. 6. Gather all your application materials (essays, SAT scores, transcripts). If you applied to a non-Common App school, gather all your application materials so you can get through the profile entry process in one go. You should grab your personal statement, supplemental essays, SAT scores, high school transcripts, and extracurricular and work resumes. 7. Respond to advice prompts. Finally, share some lessons youve learned through your college application journey. What would you change about the process? How did you formulate your college list? Did you go on any college tours? On top of that, answer a few school-specific questions to help future applicants learn more about your school! How would you describe a typical student at your school? What do you love about your campus? Once you’ve verified your profile, uploaded a full essay, and responded to 5 advice prompts, you’ll be ready to go! With that done, get into back-to-school mode and wait for the views to roll in and your earnings to start piling up.

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What is a Plot Point How To Identify Turning Points in Books

What is a Plot Point How To Identify Turning Points in Books What is a Plot Point? We’ve all read a book without a plot point, or, should I say, without a point to the plot. Every story needs a beginning, middle, and end - we’ve known that for about two thousand years, thanks to good old Aristotle. But it doesn’t stop there.In this article, we’ll show how plot points are used to move organically from the beginning to the middle to the end. Then, we’ll cover the difference between a plot point and plot and why it’s important to identify plot points. Finally, we’ll map two popular books by only their plot points.So†¦What is a plot point?A plot point is an incident that directly impacts what happens next in a story. In other words, it gives a point to the plot, forcing the story in a different direction, where otherwise it would’ve just meandered.Any event in a story can be significant, but if it does not move the story forward, it is just a point in the plot- not a plot point. The latter must:Move the sto ry in a different direction.Impact character development.Close a door behind a character, forcing them forward.Think of it like a bolt, holding your story together: without it, you just have separate pieces of scrap metal. But connect them together and they form a whole, each piece informing the event before it and after it. (image: Harper Row)Clocking in at barely 300 words, Sendak’s classic children’s book has a predictably simpler plot than The Handmaid’s Tale. And yet, broken down in the same way, it is surprisingly comparable. It has a beginning, middle, and end, with two Plot Points to transition between and one at the Midpoint altering the course of the story. It also has a narrative Hook, a handful of Pinch Points, and a Resolution.Laid out by only its plot points, Where the Wild Things Are would look like such:Hook: Max is mischievous and dresses like a wild thing.First Plot Point: His mother yells at him and he yells back.First Pinch Point: She sends him to bed without dinner, so he sails to where the wild things are.Midpoint: They make him king of all wild things.Final Pinch Point: He sends them to bed without dinner, then realizes he’s lonely and wants to be loved.Final Plot Point: He journeys back home.Resolution: He finds his dinner waiting for him, still hot. 7 Plot Points of Where the Wild Things Are. What do they mean for your book? Where the Wild Things Are is a tightly structured story that moves naturally in a full circle and ends satisfactorily. More importantly, its bare bones bear uncanny resemblance to The Handmaid's Tale - and countless more stories in the Western canon.Once again, these authors surely did not adhere to strict, structural guidelines in plotting these stories. All good stories simply flow in similar ways, ways that keep the attention of the person being told. In order to keep it flowing and not dribbling, keeping your plot points in mind is crucial.What other stories could you break down by plot points? Tell us the 7 plot points of your favorite book in the comments below.

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Stella Macartney and sustainablity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Stella Macartney and sustainablity - Essay Example s such as the environment, human beings and the ecological make up are some of the major factors which should be given sustainability as far as fashion designing is concerned (Moisander, 2002). Sustainability is a fundamental social necessity today. Majority of the customers who are engaged in the purchase of the fashion products are obliged to put into consideration the effect of their product on the environment, the economy and the lives of other animals. Our practitioner in this study is Stella McCartney. The designer is a British born; she is a daughter to the famous pop star Paul McCartney and the animal right activist Linda McCartney. Stella started the art of designing at her teens. She won awards from the art even though she explains that she did not inherit the fame from her parents who were already on the media scenes due to their respective lines of duties which greatly exposed them. Stella’s fame was her own making. The major issue arising from Stella’s work is the problem of choosing new materials and trying to make it blend well with the satisfaction of the people who depends on the products. Another problem is the social view which touches on the people and the environmental things as well as other animals. There are many people who are against the use of animal products in the fashion wares. Stella incorporated her mother’s view which considered the rights of the animals. She was against the idea that animals were mistreated in the name of extraction of the raw materials for the designing companies. Because many companies used animal products such as leather and fur, her view obviously became an issue in the designing sector. Stella was for sustainability and for that anything which posed a threat to other ecological make up was not good for her. Animal injustices are a global concern. It has been established that many animals undergo a lot of suffering from human beings who d epend on their skin for the fashion designs. India and china